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Charlie and Rissy Productions

Who We Are
Inspirational Multimedia Production Company

Everyday, we struggle with finding out what our purpose is in life. From relationship struggles to building financial stability, we are constantly seeking ways to fine-tune our lives without too much stress. Our original lifestyle productions and products will inspire you to create a positive “you” brand.

What To Expect
Transparency & Honesty

With over 14 years of marriage, birthing 3 beautiful daughters,

and breaking through various life cycles,

it’s our calling to teach our new generation how to

  • Create Realistic Goals
  • Plan for your Future
  • Prepare for Marriage
  • Overcome life’s obstacles
What We Offer
Education & Inspiration

From faith, family, finances, fitness and your future,

we’re going to address various hot topics that we are

seeking answers to but can’t find objective and

achievable steps to reach it.

Our multimedia production includes:

  • Video Series
  • Inspirational Apparel
  • Interactive Workshops
  • In person events

Our Core Principles


Think Ocean.

We challenge everyone we come in contact with to “Think Ocean.” When you remove the limits from your thoughts and ideas, you will begin to transform your goals and dreams into reality.


The Details Matter.

Every concept or solution we provide will include step by step processes to help you to overcome any challenges or obstacles you may be facing in your life.


Never Settle.

We never settle for average or fail to reach beyond the status quo. Every multimedia production we create will reflect the highest quality, content, and design.

Meet The Team

As a married couple, we work diligently to showcase both sides of various issues we all face in life, relationships, and business. Our transparent and honest approach allows us to lead by example. We both strive to share our life experiences and faith with you so you will know that our strategies and techniques have been tested.

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Charles *Charlie* Ervin
Co-Owner/ Creative Director
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Aleris *Rissy* Ervin
Co-Owner/ Project Manager
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Featured Video Series

Romantic QT

Learn how to fall in love and stay in love. From finding your erogenous zones to learning about sex during pregnancy, discover how to spice it up in the bedroom.

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West Palm Beach, FL Based